What can we expect during the photo session?


The best photos come from authentic moments so I encourage you and your children to roam, explore, play a game, read a book, give a piggyback ride, sing a favorite song, joke around, tickle each other, and simply have fun while showing me who you are as a family. This gives you something to do with your hands and feet, engages the little ones, and brings an authentic smile to your face.

I’ll direct as needed and we’ll get some posed shots of the whole family looking at the camera, but more often than not, families find that their favorite photos are the ones of “in-between moments"–playtime between father and son, a mom fixing her daughter’s hair, siblings happily exploring, and all the kisses and cuddles in between.


Simply put, you can expect to have fun and enjoy your family!

Any advice on preparing for our session?


Plan ahead. Schedule your session for a day that isn’t going to be too busy. I want our time together to be joyful and truly fun for the whole family–something you get to do together rather than something you have to get through.

Get rested. A well rested and well fed child (and adult!) will be much happier and have more fun during the photography session.

Pack a couple of fun and familiar things. Bring a favorite toy, book, snack–anything that makes your child feel happy, safe, and completely themselves.


How do I get my family excited

about the photo session?


It sounds simple, but lead by example! If you and your spouse are excited for the photo session and think of it as fun-filled family time, chances are, your kiddos will too. Whatever you do, don’t bribe or beg your kids. I have learned that it tends to backfire because by telling a child that they’ll get a treat if they are good during the session, the child will get the impression that the session is something yucky that they have to suffer through in order to earn a treat and they will be itching to be done with it even before it starts! Instead, feel free to bring a special treat to enjoy during the session–this will create a genuine moment for photographs and help set a positive mood for the session.

What is the most important thing to know?


My best advice is to think of our photo session as a play date with me and my camera–don’t be afraid to just relax, enjoy your surroundings, and most of all, enjoy each other.

By simply enjoying your time with each other, it takes the focus off the camera and as a result, the moments will be more authentic and your smiles more natural. These are the photographs you will cherish most because they illuminate the unique ways you love each other and cherish your time together.

© Debra Li Photography

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