I love toasting marshmallows, public libraries, trying out new restaurants, organizing information into spreadsheets, and obviously, taking pictures!

Ever since I was a child, my most treasured possessions have been  the countless albums full of family photos and all the home video VHS tapes that filled our shelves. In fact, I cherished them so much that I was constantly plagued with worry about how I could save all of them in the event of a fire or a flood. Needless to say, my passion is photographing families because I know firsthand what a blessing it is to have photos of my family to cherish and cling to forever.

As a photographer, I am always watching for the intimate, candid moments that reflect the honest emotion and connection between people. We are all constantly changing and I seek to capture the best parts of who you and your family are today in this chapter of your family's love story.

As an early childhood teacher by training, I am well-versed in working with young children and I have lots (and lots!) of practice being patient and silly and high energy all at once! We'll play games, sing songs, eat snacks, and do whatever it takes to capture your kiddo's sweet, precious, silly, beautiful, one-of-a-kind personality!

I would love to celebrate life’s special moments with you, whether it’s an engagement or a birthday, special event or simply capturing the beauty of spending time together with family and friends.

I am happy to work together with you to create photos and memories that will fit within your budget. Learn more about what you can expect from our session together here or contact me to get started! 



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